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We all know how easily a house can be filled with clutter, but unfortunately being able to declutter your home is not as easy. This is the reason why clutter will continue to accumulate and it often gets out of control before we have time to realize it. Today, we are going to give you some great tips on how you can declutter your home in a single weekend. It’s going to be hard work, but you will be glad you got it done.

Create a plan of action

The first thing you want to do is list all of the rooms in your house and come up with an approximate amount of time that you will spend in each room.

Taking a quick look at the amount of clutter you are going to remove from each room should end up being no more than one or two hours. The size of the house and the number of rooms will also play a role in this, so be sure to consider every room regardless of how much or how little clutter they contain.

Clear your schedule

This is extremely important and it means that you can’t have any kind of interruptions during your decluttering weekend. Tell your relatives and friends that you are going to be busy and you are not even going to be taking calls unless they are emergencies.

declutter your home

We know turning your phone off is too much to ask in some cases, but you could at least make sure that everyone in your close group of family and friends knows about your weekend decluttering project.

Get your supplies ready

There are several things that you need to get on your checklist before you get started. Large trash bags, large empty boxes, a notepad, a couple of markers, and a timer. It could be a digital or an analog kitchen timer. The important thing is that you have a way to track time and to set a schedule of breaks.

Set a timer and set breaks

If you try to get everything done at once, you are going to burn out before you get halfway through the house decluttering process. The best way to handle this is to work no longer than 2 hours straight and then take a 10 to 15 minute break. We mean a real break, not just stopping to do something else. Sit down, relax and rest your body.

Choosing what will go and what will stay

This is difficult because many of the things we have at home cluttering our space are of no monetary value, but have a lot of emotional value to us. This is why it’s very important to detach yourself from your emotion unless the item is truly valuable in that sense. A lot of clutter comes from being unable to let go of things you buy that you no longer need.

In the book The Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up, Marie Kondo gives the tip to only keep things that truly bring you joy. It’s a helpful tip to use to decide whether you really need to keep an item or not.

Set recyclables apart from trash

Make sure that you can dispose of trash and recyclables in different areas so you won’t mix them up at all. Being able to send things for recycling is always important.

Enjoy your decluttered home

You are going to love being able to enjoy your newly decluttered home. It will look more spacious and you are probably going to start the habit of throwing things you don’t need before they start to accumulate.

Good luck with your decluttering, and remember that you are going to love the way you feel once you are done with the process! If you need help selling your home, please contact me today!

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