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Summer may have just started, but we’ve already had some scorching hot days in Greater Sudbury.

So how do you keep cool during summer when you can’t spend every day at the camp (I know, I want to do that too)? Here are a few ways to cool down your home this summer.

Take the cooking outdoors

One way to keep out the heat is to make sure not to create any unnecessary heat. That means using your barbecue instead of your oven,
or even better, grabbing take out or dining out on the really hot nights.

If you are cooking indoors, try using the stovetop only and avoid the oven.

Why not make it even more fun and create a whole street party potluck where all your neighbours pitch in to have a fun outdoor cooking party so you can all enjoy the outdoors together. Even better if you or a neighbour has a pool to make it extra fun and cool!

Make it breezy

If you have ceiling fans, make good use of them, especially when you go to bed. Adjust your fans to run counter clockwise which will help make it feel cooler.

No ceiling fans? Grab a couple oscillating fans to help move the air and make it easier for sleeping.

Add the a/c

If you really can’t stand the heat, consider getting central air conditioning installed in your home. Not only does it make your home more comfortable for you, it helps to cool down your home and when you decide to sell your home, the added air conditioning can be a nice feature for potential buyers.

If you do decide to purchase a new air conditioner, make sure to get a few quotes from reliable companies and check to see how long it will be before they can install it.

Keep the light out

Make sure to keep the hot sun out of your home and close south and west-facing curtains during the day. It’s nice to have the beautiful sunlight in your home, but it’s not so nice when it heats up your home.

Another note about your windows, is to keep your windows shut during the day. Although it’s nice to have them open, it usually just let’s in more hot air into your home.

Icy treats

Summer just wouldn’t be summer without ice cream, popsicles and icy drinks.

We found this fun post that has recipes for 21 different frozen treats, from Gummy Bear Popsicles, to Banana Pops, Unicorn Ice Cream, and
Pineapple Sorbet (right out of the pineapple!)

Another fun way to incorporate icy treats is to freeze fruit for snacking. Frozen grapes and blueberries are a yummy summer alternative.

What’s your favourite way to cool down your home during summer? Share with me in the comments below!

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